Project, Local Development: Amazon Fish, Tambaqui


Amazon Fish Tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum)

"Tambaqui" is the popular name of an edible Amazon fish designating a project for sustainable fish production and processing developed in partnership with local governments and institutions in the Legal Amazon.

This industrial project that started with small pilot initiatives in the states of Rondonia, Amapá and Tocantins aims at the following objectives:

  • To promote a large scale economic alternative on behalf of the Amazon targeting international markets;
  • To establish an integrated fish industry providing: fish juveniles production in laboratories; fish breeding in ponds; fish processing, food, logistic and marketing;
  • To help fish folk to improve their quality of life by processing its natural resources and (by) connecting them to the international market;
  • To improve the economic, ecological, and the social profile of the region;
  • To prevent degradation of the Amazon Region's ecosystem caused by cattle raising and soy production;
  • To develop an industrial initiative(s) in partnership with private enterprises.
  • To promote Amazonian hydrographic basin as a leader area for aquaculture.

The most important aspect of this project concerns the form of its development: a network of small and medium enterprises to guarantee a critical mass and scales economies in production and marketing to face international markets. This is fundamental, for aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food production systems in the world and most of its output is produced in low-income food-deficit countries.

Moreover there is an increasing demand for fish and fishery products that has to be satisfied for contributing to food security and poverty alleviation in many developing countries. Finally the production, processing and sale of fish offer prospects of improved nutrition in rural and urban areas by providing a ready source of affordable high-quality protein as well as giving an opportunity to generate income, while diversifying production.

Production will be initially based on Tambaqui (Colossomum macropomum) to diversify later into other edible species such as Curimbaté a fish belonging tochilodontidae family and Prochilodus gender.

All species production will be done in fluctuating platforms made up of a ponds network system and final products of the fish industrial chain will be fillets, hamburgers, flour for fish food, oil and fish leather for a variety of applications.

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