Project, Local Development: LabPark Atlantic Rainforest in Guaraqueçaba (PR) - Brazil


Labpark Atlantica Rainforest - Guaraqueçaba (PR), Brazil - Research targeted to area development

LabPark is an integrated sustainable development program idealized for an area of Atlantic Rainforest in the south of Brazil, APA (area of environmental preservation) of Guaraqueçaba, in the state of Paraná. The program encompasses a group of ecological, geological, cultural and historic resources unified in a synergic and environmentally friendly structure, assuring a key-role to the local communities' participation and the identification of new ways of partnerships.

LabPark considers:
a) the choice of a property, managed by our Brazilian affiliated (FOCA), for the development of activities of forest preservation and income generation to local communities;
b) replicability of these activities in other properties;
c) government involvement.

In this sense the program bases on researches and local training, always with the concern of promoting wide involvement of the local organizations and community, identifying sustainable economical alternatives.

LabPark will provide the following initiatives:

  • Centre for Water and Watershed Research Studies
  • Atlantic Rainforest Studies: Plot research methodology
  • Open Park: Interactive Program for Environmental Education
  • Entrepreneurial Incubators
  • Planned Ecological Activities

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