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Project, Education: Open City Collection for Children

Open City Collection for Children

Socio-environmental tales for promoting civic values among children to become future responsible citizens

This project concerns the publication of a series of 24 picture books aimed to convey socio environmental concepts through tales set in UNESCO areas (Biosphere and World Heritage).

The rationale of the project is twofold. First, to make children conscious about important concepts such as biodiversity, historical heritage and civic values such as multiculturalism, pluralism, solidarity, and social responsibility.

Second, to leverage children education and their sensitivity for influencing adults in promoting a cultural change.

The concepts expressed in the books make also reference to Agenda 21 the document of the historic Rio Conference in 1992 as well as the UN recommendations for the Millennium Goals.



  • To learn concepts such as environment preservation, cultural plurality, citizenship, solidarity and quality of life.
  • To make children aware of sustainable development, historical heritage, responsible tourism.
  • To disseminate knowledge of important environmental and historical areas.
  • To induce children to accept and act according to principles and approaches towards peace and sustainability, developing awareness about the importance of the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.
  • To learn how to discover and enjoy famous environmental and cultural places and how to respect them.
  • To focus children attention on human and civic values.
  • To convey notions about responsible tourism, resources preservation and as a mean for improving communication among people and their cultures.
  • To learn positive attitudes such as cooperation and solidarity so as to share and attain common objectives. Remove aggressiveness and egocentrism.

Children are our future and can have the ability
to influence adults in promoting a cultural change.


Books, Characteres and Ueré

The thread of the stories is represented by a positive character, UERÉ (a characteristic name from Tupi Guarani, the native idiom spoken in the region of the Atlantic Forest and which in an African dialect means “the child” ).

Ueré is a native Brazilian child born in the Atlantic Rain Forest (an ecosystem in danger of extinction) who is always accompanied by his inseparable friend, ROXO, a parrot in danger of extinction.

UERÉ symbolizes the multiculturalism, the ethic of the tolerance, the innocence face to the problems raised by the civilization and the modernity. He is traveling around the world discovering new places and interacting with other positive characters who introduce him to new realities.

He symbolize the ecological conscience which reminds us the necessity of a different behavior in managing places so as to make the world a better place.

Other characters are represented by children of other countries and by animals in extinction typical from the geographic area where the story takes place and who narrate to the protagonists their past and present condition.
All characters have been conceived to be used in other media such CD, the web and television. Video games and other materials are under development.

Books are translated into the official UN languages, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, plus Italian and Portuguese.


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