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International Open City Forum GALA


Thinking and singing about UN MDG'S´s+ 5.

The “ Open City Children Forum" is a permanent international leaded by children worldwide.

It is a yearly “summit” involving schools and pupils to formulate and address recommendations on behalf of the Millennium Development Goals.

Music Composers turn selected recommendations into lyrics and songs which are interpreted by children at the conclusive prizes awarding ceremony

Virtual forum and chats will be available to teachers and students to discuss, exchange information, cooperate and formulate sensible ideas,  projects and actions to foster the Millennium goals. In the following years students will also discuss results of their initiatives and actions.

Schools will produce a document of recommendations. Yearly, occurring a summit when children from all over the world will present at the ECOSOC their recommendations for the MDG’s and also co-fraternize singing inedited appropriate songs based on music as a factor of education and urgency for UN MDG’s attainments.

The Open City Forum Gala  aims to:

  • To accustom children to discuss issues concerning their future;
  • to stimulate children to think about childhood conditions in other countries;
  • to  use the music as a factor of communication and self-development;
  • Have children proposing recommendations and projects;
  • Stimulate the creation of Agenda 21 in schools.

Only unregistered songs can be proposed and the lyrics have to be positive and appropriated for the age.  Countries representatives, both children and composers will be invited or in certain conditions can be  selected in local festivals under specific rules.

The income from the sale of CD, T-Shirts and other materials (developed by stylists and children), will be allocated to the Open City Fund to support the initiatives identified by  students  and retained practicable by a Committee made up by representatives of main promoters  and sponsors.


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